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KD Pine Wood

Kiln-dried pine wood or KD pine wood is among the most popular choices of wood for the construction and woodworking industries. Through a specialised process, the moisture content of the wood is extracted in a kiln or oven, rendering it more stable, durable and less susceptible to warping, cracking and shrinking.

KD pine wood is preferred over naturally air-dried wood since the high temperatures kill bacteria, fungus, mould and algae, thereby protecting the quality of the wood. With a smooth finish and attractive appearance, KD pine wood is ideal for flooring, cabinets and furniture in offices and homes. The WoodBook Exports supplies premium quality products that can even be used for decks, fences and other outdoor requirements.

Benefits of KD Pine Wood

Stability: Given the controlled atmosphere in which it is dried out, KD pine wood has stable moisture content, preventing warping, twisting during applications.

Less Shrinkage or Expansion: This specialised controlled drying in kilns ensures that the wood is safe from warping that comes with excessive shrinking and expansion, which is common in air-dried wood.

Better workability: Its stability prevents KD pine wood from splitting and cracking when being drilled through, cut or fastened.

Reduced insect infestation: The high temperatures involved in drying out KD pine wood also eliminate insects and pests, which in turn keeps the finished product from being affected.

Consistent Quality: There are specific moisture content levels set for KD pine wood. As a leading wood supplier, The WoodBook Exports ensures these levels are always maintained so you always have the best wood to work with.


This is a popular wood, and while KD pine wood is most often used in construction, furniture making, interior finishes and cabinetry, it works equally well in a range of other woodworking applications.


Dimension length KD
28 X 235 4877 KD18
38 X 89 4267 KD18
4877 KD18
5100 KD18
34 X 94 3985 KD18
4500 KD18
5000 KD18
45 X 100 4000 KD12
4500 KD12
5000 KD12
5100 KD12
45 x 105 5000 KD12
5100 KD12
67 X 117 5000 KD18
5100 KD18
38 X 89 3658
90 X 90 2450
16 X 75 3000
19 X 95 3000