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KD Spruce Wood

Kiln-dried spruce wood or KD spruce wood is another product that is a preferred choice among the woodworking and construction industries. By reducing the natural moisture content of the wood in a special kiln, logging companies raise its shelf-life and leave it better suitable for a variety of purposes.

Spruce wood is light, gives easily to workmanship and offers an attractive finish. Kiln-drying ensures it becomes more stable and less susceptible to warping, pests and mould. The WoodBook Exports works with noted logging companies to deliver premium kiln-dried spruce wood, Swedish spruce wood, Russian spruce wood, Nordic spruce wood, Canadian spruce wood, Austrian spruce wood, Belarus spruce wood and Finland spruce wood to customers around the world.

Benefits of KD Spruce Wood

Stability: Lowered moisture content improves the stability of KD spruce wood, keeping it relatively safe from deformation even after significant amounts of time.

Less shrinkage or expansion: The specialised kiln-drying process helps keep the finished product protected from shrinkage or expansion, something very common with high moisture.

Better workability: KD spruce wood is ideal for various woodworking projects given its malleable nature that makes it easy to shape, cut and fasten. The kiln-drying process helps retain its shape over time.

Safe from infestation: Any fungus, algae, insects or other pests are exterminated by the high temperatures in the kiln, ensuring its quality and lengthening its shelf-life.

Quality: The moisture content in KD spruce wood is highly controlled so consumers have a consistent product to work with.


Construction is one of the industries that highly favours KD spruce wood where it is jused for framing, trusses and general carpentry. This wood is also excellent for interior work, furniture and other woodworking projects.


Dimension length KD
38 X 140 3658 KD18
4267 KD18
4877 KD18
5100 KD18
22 X 95 2985 KD18
3600 KD18
3985 KD18
63 X 105 5000 KD15
63 X 185 4500 KD15
4000 KD15
70 X 70 3985 KD18
84 X 145 5000 KD15
84 X 165 4000 KD15
84 X 185 4500 KD15
5000 KD15
84 x 205 4500 KD15
5000 KD15
84 X 225 4500 KD15
5000 KD15
84 X 245 5000 KD15
38 X 89 3658
90 X 90 2450
16 X 75 3000
19 X 95 3000